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Tyler Candles - Focused on Fragrance
Free Ground Shipping On All Orders 

Glamour Faux Flame Perfumer
Fine wax candle on the outside, Tyler fragrance of your choice on the inside. Fragrance Refills available. Metal Veils and Accent Jewelry for faux candles available.

Autoglam Auto Air Freshener
Quickly transform your vehicle into a rich and luxurious aroma experience! Tyler fragrances for your car! Fragrance Refills available.

Reed Diffusers and Fragrance Refills
Choose a Glamour Reed Diffuser Kit or Glamour Fragrance Refill. The Ultimate Aroma Experience!

Glamorous Hands Lotion & Wash
Glamorous Hand Lotion is an intensive treatment for glamour-challenged skin! Glamorous Hand Wash cleanses, moisturizes and protects glamour-challenged skin!

The Prestige Collection
* 22 oz 2-Wick Candles
* 11 oz 2-Wick Candles
* 3.4 oz 1-Wick Candles
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Room Perfume
Seduce the senses with our exquisite Chambré Parfum. With several lavish fragrance bursts, your room will transform into a rich and luxurious paradise!

Mixer Melts
Use these glamorous melts alone or "mix it up" by combining two or more fragrances. When melted the fragrances will blend, creating a unique scent.

Glamorous Sachet
Created to use as a dryer sachet, home sachet, or personal sachet. The possibilities are endless.

Glamorous Wash
A fine laundry detergent designed to explore the power of fragrance for an intimate glamour experience.

Free shipping offer applies to Standard Shipping within the Continental USA only.

California Shipping Restrictions
In compliance with California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, we are unable to ship the following products to California:
  • Fragrance Lamp Oil
  • Reed Diffuser Oil

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